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The future at work. Correct-Consult Bulgaria is an HR and Staffing Agency and provides the full portfolio in the HR sphere: personnel selection and recruitment, leasing of personnel, payroll, training, consultancy. Our mission is to help people find the right job and help businesses find the right people. We believe in a world where everyone is unique, and by developing their potential, they can offer a lot to themselves and to the company they work for. We accompany you on the road to personal and business goals.We started our activities at the very beginning of the 21st century as an HR Agency. We are fully licensed and certified by the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy in Bulgaria.We believe in our motto: What we are is just a step ahead of what we can be.

A Little About the Author...

Rob Lilley is passionate about working on cruise ships, and spent 5 years of his life travelling the seven seas and touching ground on all 7 continents.  With the experience of 2 different job positions in multiple contracts with different cruise lines, from explorer ships to full-sized cruise liners, Rob is keen to share his insider insights with all of those interested in working at sea! More…