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The cruise industry is the fastest growing hospitality sector in the world, hiring hospitality professionals from countries on every continent. As the cruise industry has been rapidly expanding over the last 10 years, there is an enormous amount of hospitality professionals required. This expansion has created great opportunities for young and dynamic people that are searching for positions and who are also looking to advance their career.

A cruise ship is like a floating holiday resort, with as many as 60 different nationalities of crew members onboard and up to 2000 crew can be on one ship at a time. Crew can be found working in the many varying departments such as Bars, Dining Services, Entertainment, Galley, Housekeeping, Deck and Technical, Salon and Casino and these are to name just a few. Cruise companies are constantly looking to hire Bartenders, Bar Waiters, Entertainment Staff, Chefs, Stewardesses, Navigational and Engine Officers, Hair Dressers and Casino dealers for their ships, and Cruise Carerras are here to help you connect with these cruise companies, and land that dream job for you.

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A Little About the Author...

Rob Lilley is passionate about working on cruise ships, and spent 5 years of his life travelling the seven seas and touching ground on all 7 continents.  With the experience of 2 different job positions in multiple contracts with different cruise lines, from explorer ships to full-sized cruise liners, Rob is keen to share his insider insights with all of those interested in working at sea! More…