Glossary - Ship Lingo

If you’re thinking about working on Cruise Ships, you’ll definitely want to know some of the ship lingo before you get on board. Here are a few of the terms you should know, and what they mean.

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The bow is the front of the ship, also known as “forward” or “fore”.

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This term is often used for all the workers on a cruise ship, but it actually refers only to a specific group of employees on

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Officers are usually the marine department with stripes on their uniforms. Think of the structure/classes of the military – the more stripes, the more responsibility,

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PAX means passengers, and you’ll hear this term used by the ship’s crew when speaking administratively about them. They’ll try not to use this term

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When looking towards the front or bow of the ship, port is the left side of the ship. I would remember this by reminding myself

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Staff are the hotel division of the ship, like guest services, cruise division/entertainment, shops, spa, casino. They often have their own stripes as well. Staff

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When looking toward the front or bow of the ship, starboard is on the right side of the ship. I would remember this by reminding

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