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Creation Worldwide

Creation Worldwide is one of the leading and most respected suppliers of entertainment to the cruise industry and the corporate market.Our fusion of talent, spectacle and laughter has proved to be a winning combination. Years of experience in every facet of the entertainment industry has led to award-winning shows and customer satisfaction levels of the highest order.Our flair for creativity and innovation along with our commitment to excellence has served us well with clients and artistes alike. Whatever your entertainment need – we have it covered.We are full members of The Entertainments Agents Association (GB) and The Federation of Small Businesses.

United Kingdom
A Little About the Author...

Rob Lilley is passionate about working on cruise ships, and spent 5 years of his life travelling the seven seas and touching ground on all 7 continents.  With the experience of 2 different job positions in multiple contracts with different cruise lines, from explorer ships to full-sized cruise liners, Rob is keen to share his insider insights with all of those interested in working at sea! More…